That to me occurs

That to me occurs At this age there are the continuous physiological processes many generating bespoa koystvo and questions.

Hormonal changes cause in de ty irritability, the world starts to irritate them.

That to me occurs Why representatives representative of an opposite sex are necessary to me What should be the correct relationship with it with it, and how them you Besides, the first winds to which as a result can deduce a new ship from the parent a sky bay in the Independence sea at this time start to blow.

Friends and friends gain weight in life of the child, and parents, on the contrary, lose it.

Brittain, C.


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PositivelyIt positively influences clarity of thinkin feelings and actions.

Positively affects all our paranormal spiritual development.

PreferenceDark blue color expresses aspiration to safety or oblivion, to harmony and passive sensitivity.

The psychology of color finds in this preference the deceived expectations, depressivecondition and passive aspiration to safety.

For suffering obesity some feeling of loneliness hiding behind dark blue color is psychologically characteristic.

Dark blue often is a sign of a depression which develops when the person acts for the sake of ideas of others which it should protect more than own.

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Why to us ridiculous

Why to us ridiculous Let's make the kid the participant events, main character.

Why to us ridiculous verses about eyes of mother, in which similarity to a frame is noticed However, even very quite good verses can appear absolutely improper for your occupations.

It is possible to write verses, looking at the picture.

It is not so difficult, as it seems.

Perhaps, you already had to compose simple couplets concerning house celebrations, greeting cards by New year, the poems devoted to heroes of the anniversary.

To the composition of verses compel us circumstance.

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Besides, Daman

Besides, Daman And system of Damanassumes that the world of the kid is limited by a frameworkfamilies.

At so intensive occupations to the childsimply there will be no time to communicate with contemporaries;to give such classes in kindergartens it is impossiblethis system is focused onlyon training in a family.

Besides, Daman is sure that to children is absoluteusual games and toys are not necessary.

In his opinion,they were created by adults to get rid of children,and children want to study and solve the serious onlyadult problems.

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Parsley approaches

Parsley approaches Roll a ball! On! Caught a ball! Game is carried out for some time, to stop game follows at the first sign of fatigue or interest loss from the child.

Parsley Purpose development of emotional communication of the child with the adult, adjustment contact.

Equipment doll Parsley biohbo.

Game course Imperceptibly for the child the teacher puts on a toy a hand, then begins game.

Parsley approaches to the kid, bows.

I am Parsley a cheerful toy! Hellohello! Then Parsley suggests the kid to greet, takes his hand in the.

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